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Hello to all! (Appears after a year or so)

Greetings to all! Moderator of Ask PPS here! Eehhh, where should I start..?

Well, firstly, thank you to all to those who have still followed me even if I have been gone for a very long time. And to clear things up, I am not dead, car accidents and all that death jokes are all just made up hahaha. I have been well and kicking! Now to the blog, it has been fun, but I can’t pony forever so I guess this is the end for the AskPinkiePieSolutions blog. Thank you again for all of your support throughout the PPS posts and at the same time, sorry for letting everyone down and stopping the progress for the 1 year time. Special thanks to the Mod of HotbloodedPinkie for various things and I owe him a lot, hahaha. If anyone would still want to see how my art is progressing, feel free to visit my Art blog or dA, I’m currently studying about animals and fantasy creatures. I have also started on my own comic, Morning Star. So I hope you can all support me along the way. I guess this is all I can think of. Again, thank you everyone and goodbye! Fighting! Jumreaplea!(My language for Goodbye)

                                                                                                  -Mod of PPS


Also one of my close friends has recently started a blog, give the blog some love, okay?



I help her with SOME things…

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THEY’re here…

Ask PinkiePiesolutions #54

THEY’re here…